Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Analysis

Consultants often find that businesses have not implemented the necessary control systems where liquor stock and food ingredients are concerned. This leads to high levels of waste and pilferage in the business. By completing a full cost analysis of the business we can ascertain where problem areas may be found. This also includes labour expenses.

Advantages of  completing a Cost Analysis

The financial burden of running a distressed operation can lead to premature closure of the business. This is why we are here to help. We utilize our experience in the industry to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

Our approach to Cost Analysis is similar to that of an auditor. Anyone can look at the financials and tell you that you are losing money. We will review your financials and find out why you are either losing money or are not making more.

cost analysis

Food Cost 

You will work with our chef consultants to develop standardized recipes that are detailing the various ingredients, thus minimizing waste. The cost analysis will give a clear indication of whether the plate cost for each dish is within the required margin.

Beverage Cost 

We will analyze your bartenders’ pouring techniques and inspect all beer tap systems. By checking this we can confirm that you are earning the correct revenue from the most profitable area of this industry.

Labour Cost 

We will inspect the various time-keeping documents to ensure that salaries and wages are paid according to time worked. Should a problem be found with absenteeism, late coming and over-time costs, JV Business Solutions will advise you on how to correct the issues.


Our team will review your stock control procedures and determine where there may be an opportunity to steal in your operation. We make use of spotters to find those employees who are taking your hard-earned money.

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