Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social Posting
We have various packages available to provide you with social post schedules which will promote content already on your site as well as content we may create for you.

Social Advertising
Social advertising can turbo boost engagement and website traffic to unprecedented heights.

Social Campaigns
We can also provide product or service specific social campaigns designed specifically to drive social engagement, capture data and boost the visibility of a new product or service directly to the correct market segment.

Comprehensive monthly reports are provided detailing how your social media profile campaigns are performing and we can then clearly show whether certain campaigns are having a positive effect on your business, ensuring it’s in keeping with key targets set out at the audit stage.

Social Media Marketing

Why does your business need a social media presence?
Social media is is the easiest and quickest way to provide your company with an opportunity to talk to your existing and prospective customers, engage with those who will promote your brand on your behalf at a fraction of the cost.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, ……It can be hard to keep up, or even know where to start!
Our social media team who’re trained to put your business on the right path use the following tools to ensure the best levels of engagement with potential and current clients.

Social Media Audit
An audit of your target audience is done and we cross reference this with your current channels set up – however many this may be. This is a key stage in the process as we’ll make sure the right channels are set up for the right audience in mind. We’ll also make sure these profiles are optimized for best practice too.

Build Your Audience
We strategically target users and influencers in your industry in order to put your company and your brand in front of those who will have an influence on your brand.

Social Media
Social Media