The Menu is one of the most crucial elements of your business. It is the reason clients come through your doors.  JV Business Solutions will design your menu according to your vision and kitchen capabilities.  This includes the correct equipment available to produce the finished dish, as well as the flow of service.  Your business is ultimately judged by your meal quality and the service received by your guests.  Our culinary team will design your menu ensuring that it is, unique, right for your concept and a money-maker.

Recipe Development

Whether you are a start-up or an existing business looking to stand out from the competition, JV Business solutions consultants are here to assist you.  We will provide creative and innovative recipes that can easily be followed by your chefs. Our Consultant will train your staff to implement these recipes in an efficient and cost-saving manner. These recipes will be your key to impressing your guests and build a loyal customer base.


The process is broken down into two phases.

1. Research

Once the business concept has been formulated, we work with the restaurant owner/operator on researching various meal options. JV Business Solutions consultants will accompany you to various venues to see what excites you and what you would like to have at your venue.

2. Development

JV Business Solutions will compile a proposed menu based on the research.  This menu will be designed considering your desired food cost and profit margins.  Once the menu is approved, we will start to test our recipes in our kitchen, we will then present them to you.  Our menu items will be bursting with flavour and have eye-catching plate presentations

menu development
menu development

Services we provide:

Restaurant Menu Research & Development

Recipe Book (recipes & images of plate presentations)

Supplier Selection

Menu Design

Menu Item Cost & Pricing

Plate-ware Selection

Glassware Selection

Cutlery & Small-ware Selection

Take-Out Packaging (very important and often overlooked)