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Pay Per Click Advertising (Adwords and Google Display Networks) –

Pay per click (PPC) advertising on Google, Bing and other Search Engines is a phenomenal online advertising and marketing method that displays your adverts when people search for your products or services online. The biggest benefit of “Pay Per Click” advertising is that you can target customers in specific cities, towns and even specific neighbourhoods.
And when you consider that around 70% of all searches in South Africa are done on a mobile phone or tablet, correctly placed Adwords and Display adverts can generate a fantastic return on your investment.
At JV Business Solutions we specialise in Google Adwords and Google Display network for driving as much traffic (New site visitors) to your website. The more visitors you have to your site, the higher the number of sales.
PPC is a highly cost effective method of advertising
The success of pay per click advertising is in the title; you only pay when someone actually clicks on the advert and goes through to your website. Your adverts may be seen and not clicked, but this gives you great brand building exposure at no cost at all. You also control how much you pay for each click and you can allocate daily, weekly or monthly budgets – so there is no chance of overspending.
How does PPC work?
PPC works by accurately defining the key words that potential customers use to search for your product, service or brand. Our Adwords management experts will work with you to research and define those keywords. With these keywords clearly defined, we are able to target specific clients searching for your products or services in areas where you are able to provide the necessary service with ease.
We follow the steps below when creating your advertising campaigns and ensure that you get the best “Return on investment.”
• Researching your market and finding the best keywords and key-phrases
• Creating both innovative and targeted adverts to ensure maximum click through ratios.
• With our continuous analysis on how each change affects your campaign performance, we make the necessary modifications to eliminate wasted advertising budget and add keywords according to how they perform
• Increasing or decreasing cost per clicks as needed to maximize your Return of Investment.
• Focusing on the ads/terms that convert the most and cost the least.
• We also generate stunning visual banner adverts for your campaigns or we can use your company’s branding or marketing material to drive more sales to your website.

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