At JV Business Solutions, our team is current with the latest innovations and technology. We will assist you in making the best choice of POS (point of sale) system, security system and credit card processing equipment and software. These systems will ensure that your business is protected, and your revenue is safely in your bank account.

All of these systems and internal controls will limit theft and increase your peace of mind. JV Business Solutions have partnered with the top POS system providers including MICROS, ALOHA, Pilot and Garp to name a few. We ensure that you receive the most competitive pricing available for your business needs.

Restaurant Technology Services Include:

POS (Point-of-sale) selection and installation

Security system selection and installation (Viewable on most mobile phones and tablets)

Credit card processing

Kitchen displays

Sales and inventory tracking and forecasting

Entertainment systems (Music, audio visual equipment, Satellite links)

Accounting and Payroll software

Phone and Internet connections

Online and mobile ordering software