Operations Assessment

We walk through your operation with fresh eyes and a different perspective. It is not enough to do this as a consultant, we must also do this from the perspective of a guest. JV Business Solutions will first review all operational manuals, recipe books, and documentation to review policies and procedures that may not be in place.

Having systems and standards in place helps to provide you with consistency and efficiency. After having a dining experience, we then observe different aspects of your business throughout different shifts. From the back of the house to the front of the house, we will see where the issues and discrepancies and/or gaps lie.
After acquiring all of this information, we will make recommendations as to how you can improve on quality and service to contribute to the guest experience. We will also show you how to boost profits and increase your bottom line.

operations assessment

Profit & Loss Analysis 

We are often requested to review the client’s Profit and Loss statements. We usually uncover major problems with food, beverage and labour costs as well as other expenses you are incurring. At JV Business Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to reviewing financial documents. The numbers tell us a story so that as we dig deeper, we can uncover where the problems are and develop a plan to correct them.